Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a great February! As for me, I think February is a very cute month. Amidst Valentine’s Day and having off for Presidents’ Day, there’s love and light. January is behind us, which I know is a month some people don’t like. And we’re closer to March, which means the first day of spring. There’s a lot to be optimistic about.

I mentioned love, and one of the things I love is flowers. Specifically orchids. The Brandywine Valley is no stranger to orchid shows. I wrote about the Brandywine Valley in a post under this site’s U.S. Destinations page, and wrote a weekend itinerary for the Brandywine Valley. A traveler can’t leave the Brandywine Valley without visiting Longwood Gardens. Longwood Gardens presents a Longwood Christmas during the holiday season. And now, this winter/spring season, they’re back with the Orchid Extravaganza.

This annual event celebrates the beauty of orchids, and the conservatory gets super transformed. Feel yourself unwind and relax as you walk past the flowers and hear the streaming water. It’s a wholesome place to send a winter day.

Orchid Extravaganza runs from March 22. Purchase the timed admission tickets online. There’s even OrKID days geared for children and spotlight talks.

Here’s a recap down below of what you can expect:

Spotted: a very cute opening page of a book in the gift shop!

To walk around in this conservatory is to feel permanently stick in Edith Piaf’s song La Vi En Rose. I’ve never seen Longwood Gardens in the beginning months of a new year, and experiencing the Orchid Extravaganza for the first time was surreal. I wanted to buy all the orchids in the gift shop to spice up my room.

If you’ve read this post, thank you! We all should live life in pink, the color of orchids and love.

All my love,