Repping Lake Placid at the Giant’s Causeway 🙂

Hi, I’m Maya! I’m the 24 year old New Yorker behind Expeditions and Happiness. Welcome to my little corner of the travel blogging world!

I started Expeditions and Happiness in 2019 because I wanted to combine two of my passions: travel and writing. While this blog has a little bit of everything, my main focus is on nature and art. The diverse landscape of the United States- its National Parks, mountains, and beaches- and an artist’s work that is on display in museums continue to inspire me.

Exploring new places and learning more about world cultures is fascinating. I feel happiest when I am heading on a new adventure, and that’s the idea behind Expeditions and Happiness- I strongly believe that dedicating time to new experiences- like going to a museum or trying a new sport!- makes people happier! Travel fits perfectly under new experiences. Here it is, my travel blog that has posts about places where you can have unforgettable experiences.


Thank you for stopping by. I grew up in New York, and graduated from Baruch College in June 2020. I was a journalism major and pursued a minor in art history. I had an internship with I LOVE NY and was involved with media organizations on campus.

That’s the practical stuff. Some things you really need to know is that I love so many things in this life. Yes, I love writing, traveling, and blogging. But I’m also always reading and I love making videos. I adore yoga, chocolate, dance, and coffee shops. I set a lot of goals for myself, and this blog is helping me get closer to these goals.


  • My favorite state is my beloved New York, and my favorite place in this state is Lake Placid in the Adirondacks!
  • My all-time favorite place I have visited is the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and my favorite country is France.
  • I was on my first flight when I was 18 months old!

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