I am convinced that Dubai altered my brain chemistry. There’s simply no other city in the world that one can compare the emirate to. One of the elements of Dubai that makes it so distinct is the focus on innovation, creativity and ingenuity. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum transformed Dubai into a sought-after destination and he was the mastermind behind the creation of Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah is a vast, man-made island that is shaped like a palm tree. In addition to Downtown Dubai (home to several iconic Dubai attractions), Palm Jumeirah was my favorite region in this city simply because it’s so unique and one has never seen anything else quite like it. Where else can I see artificial archipelagos in the shape of a palm tree? Palm Jumeirah is an architectural feat that will leave visitors stunned.

Real estate company Nakheel and American architecture company Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock worked on bringing the Palm Jumeirah idea to fruition. Nakheel took three million cubic feet of sand during the construction process and used seven million tons of mountain rock when creating the crescent (Indeed, there’s a crescent that surrounds the upper palm as a means of protection). Planning began in 2001, the foundations of the islets were set up in 2004 and construction began in 2006. Residents started to move to the islands in 2006. Over 78,000 people now call this place home.

Today, Palm Jumeirah is filled with stunning beach spots, hotels, residential buildings, restaurants and nightclubs. It’s so gorgeous that when our taxi was driving through the Palm, I would take videos through the window. Just taking a walk on these islands is exquisite. Here are four Palm Jumeirah attractions that are well worth visiting during your next trip to Dubai.

  1. The View at The Palm
The View at The Palm

This is a tourist attraction located in the Palm Tower of the Nakheel Mall. It offers exceptional 360-degree views of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, the Arabian Gulf and beyond. It’s on the 52nd floor and the panoramas from that height are stunning.

After your tickets are scanned, you’ll be walked through a presentation and then you’ll watch a short video in an immersive theater that chronicles the history of Palm Jumeirah. The next stop is an exhibit area that provides more comprehensive information about these man-made islands and the journey taken to construct them. Then it’s time to take the elevator to the viewing deck.

I loved this place because of the 360-degree views. You can get views of so many different places on the Palm! There are steps you can go on near the edge and the glass doesn’t really reflect in cameras, so you can’t really spot the reflections in photos.

I also loved this place because it was just so unique-I never thought I could be able to say that I went to an observation deck on a manmade palm-tree-shaped island! The third reason why I adored The View was because there were barely any people! There were no crowds and you can be on the deck at your leisure and it’s no rush at all. I felt so relaxed when taking in the Dubai views. The View at The Palm is worth every cent.

2. Atlantis The Palm

The lobby of Atlantis, The Palm

It is difficult to put into words how grandiose and awe-inspiring this five-star ocean-themed hotel is, but I’ll try to do this magnificent place justice. Atlantis, The Palm is a 1,544 room resort that sits right on Palm Jumeirah’s crescent. Simply put, it’s right at the end of the Palm when one drives into the Palm, so the anticipation definitely builds up. It’s also right in the center, so it always seems to be following you.

It was the first hotel constructed on Palm Jumeirah and does have some similar characteristics of its counterpart in the Bahamas. I absolutely loved the Lost City of Atlantis theme.

A red carpet leads up to the hotel’s entrance. The lobby is massive and sleek- There’s a blue, towering artwork in the middle made by American glass artist Dale Chihuly that’s composed of over 600 pieces of glass. Turn to the left and you’ll walk past luxury shops. You’ll soon reach The Lost Chambers Aquarium. The tank is so, so, so tall and you’ll see over 65,000 animals! I actually think The Lost Chambers Aquarium is better than the Dubai Aquarium and it’s less crowded too! There’s something so peaceful about this place. I could look at all the animals forever.

Atlantis, The Palm is also home to a gigantic waterpark (Aquaventure Waterpark is the world’s largest waterpark), beach clubs, a private beach, pools, Michelin-starred restaurants and dolphin encounters. Now imagine staying here-I think I would never leave this hotel and not sightsee in Dubai because of the endless activities to do at Atlantis! I feel like I would need one day to explore the hotel’s unforgettable offerings. If you’re in Dubai, I would definitely encourage you to visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium and to just marvel over the hotel lobby. This place doesn’t feel real.

One hotel that recently opened on Palm Jumeirah is Atlantis, The Royal! I liked its contemporary exterior design and I saw YouTube videos after my Dubai trip that show the inside- It doesn’t even look like a hotel, it looks like a museum and shopping mall. It took $1.6 billion to build this gem. With a private infinity pool and beach, it looks just as luxe, if not even more, than Atlantis, The Palm! Dubai never stops creating. That’s Dubai for you, it always aims to go higher, and this inventiveness is what makes this city so memorable.

3. Dukes The Palm, a Royal Hideaway Hotel

Dukes, The Palm

A trip to Dubai is not complete without going to one of the city’s glorious beaches. The options are endless- The hardest part about a Dubai beach day is deciding which beach to go to! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the private beach at Dukes The Palm.

Dukes The Palm is a contemporary-themed British hotel that delivers an amazing experience from start to finish. The lobby is sleek and elegant and has such pretty flowers- definitely make sure to snap a few photos for the memories! To get to the beach, walk past the outdoor dining area and turn left toward the water. You can purchase a beach day pass and let me tell you, this pass is your gateway to a heavenly experience!

The beach pass includes lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels and access to the hotel infinity pool. The white sand and the clean, clean, clean water are something else! The water is calm and there’s barely any waves, so it’s perfect if you love swimming and just being in the water. I could not get over how clean the water was and its gorgeous color. You’ll also be treated to views of the Dubai Marina.

There’s a bar and you can order both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, I had an ice-cold strawberry refresher that was perfect for the summer heat (Temperatures were in the 80s every day that I was in Dubai). Their infinity pool was exceptional, make sure to try it! It’s right behind the beach and it’s so large- you’ll get beach/Dubai Marina views on one side, and hotel views on the other side. You don’t want to come out of the infinity pool! There’s also a plethora of aquatic activities to try on the beach. The walk back to the hotel’s entrance is so pretty and there’s a gorgeous fountain at the end.

I’ve always hated it when the abundant sunshine and hot temperatures came to an end at the end of the summer season. But what an experience Dukes The Palm and Dubai overall was! And even as the temperatures change back in New York to announce the arrival of new seasons, the Dukes The Palm memories will warm my heart until summer hits New York in two months.

4. The Pointe

The aftermath of a fountain show at The Pointe

The Pointe is a wonderful place to spend an evening in Dubai. This waterfront destination that’s right across the bay from Atlantis, The Palm is chock-full with amazing stores, restaurants and cafes. One of the many reasons why I loved my time here was The Palm Fountain Show! The fountain shows are the only multicolored ones in Dubai (The Burj Khalifa fountain shows aren’t multicolored) and use over 3,000 LED lights. The fountain shows are set to popular songs from different countries. Shows start at 6 PM and end at 10:30 PM on weekdays. On weekends, shows start at 6 PM and end at midnight. The Palm Fountain is the world’s largest dancing fountain!

I loved the views of Atlantis, The Palm at The Pointe and the hypnotizing music of the fountain show. The Palm Fountain is actually a recent development, it opened in October 2020.

I also loved my dinner at ZOR Restaurant. It served Uzbek cuisine like shurpa and lamb dumplings, along with Russian food like okroshka soup. I love the Russian salad olivye, so I just knew I had to get it here once I saw it on the menu and some lemonade to cool off. The location was perfect because ZOR had outdoor dining and it was right in front of The Palm Fountain, so I had the pleasure of watching the shows while stuffing my face with food! It doesn’t get much better than that. If you like hardy soups or dumplings, you won’t regret dining at ZOR! It’s total comfort food.

That’s a wrap on my Palm Jumeirah guide! Oh, what a place. You will continue to think about Palm Jumeirah long after you visit it. I hope this post gave you inspiration on what to see, and thank you for reading!