Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great start to the week. Today is a special day- It’s the one year anniversary of Expeditions and Happiness! I started this travel blog exactly one year ago today! I created this site on a weekend, and we were experiencing a massive heatwave. We were staying inside, and I decided to keep busy by launching this WordPress site. I already had four articles that I had written in my notebook, and now I just had to type them up.

I can’t believe it’s my one year travel blogging anniversary! To those that follow this blog, thank you. To those who take the time to read this blog and look at the posts, thank you. Last year, I made a Word document that has over fifty ideas for future articles. So I’m excited for what’s to come!

Why not publish a blog post on the one year anniversary of Expeditions and Happiness? Today’s post falls under the travel & lifestyle category.

Do you return home from your travels with museum maps, ticket stubs, and attraction tickets? Holding on to these items is a perfect way to preserve your memories, and you can incorporate these items into certain projects. Instead of placing your itinerary or city guides into a notebook or folder and let it collect dust in your room, you can decorate your space with these items.

You can reminisce about your post travel memories at home (and spice up your décor and current living space!) Here are nine ways to put all your photos/videos from your camera roll and all your tickets to good use!

1. Create a video

I love taking videos that are a few seconds long during my travels and then coming home to create a video set to music with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Do you have videos of that amazing lunch, the view from the mountain summit, or that sunrise? Why not combine all of the videos into one big video set to music? You can add titles and captions.

iMovie is an Apple vide maker tool, and Movie Maker for Windows 10 is a Microsoft video maker tool. Filmora is a striking video editing tool, and it’s praised as the free best video editing application.

For those who are interested in moving up one level and would like to get more serious, there is Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a professional video-editing software under Adobe Creative Cloud. The movie Gone Girl was edited on Premiere Pro. There is a free 7-day trial for Premiere Pro, and then it costs $20.99 a month. Getting all the apps will cost $40 a month. The rate for students & teachers is $20 a month, and the business rate is $24.99 a month.

Final Cut Pro X is free for 90 days. This video-editing software costs $299.99 and is only available to Apple Users. You can also create short videos using the Triller app.

These videos will become a visual documentation of all your journeys, and you can re-watch these videos in the future for a nostalgia fix.

2. Start a travel journal

My travel journal!

You can get travel-themed notebooks from Barnes & Noble. Amazon also has specific travel journals catered to each destination- Check out this London journal or a Celtic journal perfect for a trip to Ireland.

You can glue or tape all your boarding passes, maps, and tickets in this journal. What I like to do before bed is write down what we did that day, all the sights we saw, and all the new information I learned about the place we are currently visiting. You can also just write down whatever is on your mind and how you’re currently feeling.

A travel journal can also have a practical function. Before your trip, you can write down your itinerary and packing list. You can jot down reminders for yourself and some fast facts about the destination that you are visiting.

You can also get crafty! You can sketch your surroundings or buy travel-themed stickers from Michaels to create an art journal. If you’re not exactly sure that you want to do the above, then Amazon does have travel journals that already have questions prepared inside about how your day went. All you have to do is answer them and fill out the blank space.

I know what you’re thinking- Why go out and buy a travel journal during this time? But you can still reflect on your past trips and travel dreams with a journal! Here’s how you can use your travel journal in these times:

  • Write down all the places you’ve been to. Then, write down your travel bucket list and all of your dreams on the next page. Do you want to hold a koala in Australia? Go to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City? You can write down all your wishes in one spot.
  • Write down all your favorite travel-themed quotes.

You can also think about your past travels when answering these journal prompts:

  1. Was your trip different than you expected?
  2. What was the highlight of each day?
  3. Write down the books or songs you read and listened to during your travels.
  4. Record a day in your life on a particular trip. What time did you wake up, what sights did you see, and what did you eat?
  5. How did this experience make you feel? What was it like for you to return home?
  6. What lessons did you learn along the way?

3. Make a scrapbook

A scrapbook I made about my 2016 summer trip to England

Scrapbooking is an amazing way to preserve memories (and a good choice if you want to pass the time). You will lose track of time as you get crafty.

To begin, you’ll need a scrapbook album. Michaels offers albums in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 12×12 albums to albums that fit into the palm of your hand. You will need glue, scrapbook paper (Michaels has paper with floral backgrounds, camera backgrounds, and travel-themed backgrounds), and your travel tickets. Feel free to buy stickers and to print out photos of your travels.

The great thing about scrapbooking is that you have creative freedom and you are the one in charge. You can glue all your tickets, photos, and stickers to the scrapbook paper. You can use markers to write down dates, captions, quotes, and what you did that day.

4. Make a memory box

My 2012 Disney World memory box

Michael’s sells memory boxes that you can personalize. Some boxes have no exterior design, so you can put travel-themed stickers on the outside and use markers to write down quotes or dates. You can store all your tickets inside. If you don’t want to decorate a memory box, Michael’s also sells decorated travel boxes that have a world map painted on the exterior. There is also a memory box that says Adventure Awaits.

5. Pin your photos onto a corkboard

I decided to put postcards on the corkboard currently propped on my door.

How cute would it be to pin your postcards, photos, and tickets onto a corkboard? You can place the corkboard on your desk, vanity, or door. I think this is pretty cute home décor and can add spice to a travel-themed living space! Michael’s has a bunch of corkboards, and you can buy them individually or in bulk.

6. Get a photo hanger

Some photos I put on my hanger

A photo sleeve hanger from Amazon is perfect because you can display multiple photos at once. The photo sleeves also act as protectors, making sure your photos don’t collect dust and get bent. Each photo has its own pocket. You can hang this up against a wall or door. I also think this is a perfect gift for teenagers or college students looking for dorm décor.

7. Use a wire board for your photos

My board came with pins. I decided to put postcards, a brochure, lift tickets, a Lake Placid sticker, and a Calvin and Hobbes quote.

This grid wall from Amazon has metal wire, and you can hang your photos onto this wall using pins. This is perfect for your desk space or walls. Business owners- It’s also nice interior décor for a shop!

8. Create a customizable Shutterfly album

You can create a personal album on the Shutterfly website!

I highly recommend Shutterfly to ANYONE who has photos they’re proud of! You can put your photos on travel mugs, fleece blankets, and stainless tumblers. Head to your class or office in style as you carry your personalized notebook, clipboards, and pencils.

What stands out to me is the option to make a photo album. This is perfect for those who don’t want to work on a traditional scrapbook. You can choose to create a travel photo book. You can use choose the size too: The offerings include 8×8, 8×11, 10×10, and 11×14. You can control the interior layout.

You can also transform your photos into canvas prints and metal prints (How cool is that?) I encourage you to browse through Shutterfly’s website and see the other objects you can put your photos on- There are phone card holders, cotton tote bags, and phone cases.

9. Use cat clips to hang your photos

My Birds on a Wire clips hang over my desk and hold my Dublin, Copenhagen, Northern Ireland, Ottawa, and Disneyland Paris postcards. While it looks like these clips are out of stick on Amazon, Fred and Friends now have cat clips.

These cat clips are a great way to spruce up your desk space at home or in your office (Or even in your classroom!) The clips will hold your photos. I especially think this is nice for a student who is dorming in college. Something inside me thinks a woman currently at university will like this for her dorm room. Having your favorite photos at your desk is a nice pick-me-up. You’ll see these photos when you look up from your work, and all the memories will come flooding back. It’s a guaranteed mood-booster and motivator!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas and inspired you! If you have some spare minutes at home on the weekend, why not try some of these projects? It’s such a dopamine boost!

Until next time,